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Audio Visual



PSAV provides outstanding audio visual services for conventions, meetings and special events. They have an extensive on-sight inventory of the latest production equipment and have seasoned professional technicians to assist you with the set-up and operation of your program. The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel has selected PSAV as their preferred audiovisual provider. Please contact PSAV for more information at 303.352.2469
Should you select another company, please be advised that there are service standards that must be followed in order to conduct business within The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Please advise PSAV and your Sheraton Conference/Catering Manager (primary group contact) upon selection of your audiovisual company a minimum of 45 days prior to your event.
As a commitment to your event’s success, a PSAV Audio Visual Liaison will be assigned to your program should you elect to hire an outside audiovisual vendor. The audiovisual liaison will be scheduled at times appropriate to your load-in and load-out and charges will be billed to your master account at the rate of $100.00 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours per room, per day. The PSAV liaison service will be required for all audio visual load-ins and load-outs. An additional liaison must be scheduled if a production company decides to utilize the audio visual booth in the Grand Ballroom or if multiple areas of the hotel are being set up. A single Liaison will not be allowed to monitor multiple locations at the same time.
Liaison will also conduct Pre and Post event room checks to assure cleanliness, and that no damages have occurred.
Additionally, a PSAV Elevator Attendant will be assigned to your program should you elect to hire an outside audiovisual vendor. The Elevator Attendant will monitor the loading and unloading of the freight elevators. Attendant will supervise weight loads, and freight usage, and will manage the continuous movement of the elevator. The Elevator Attendant will be scheduled at times appropriate to your load-in and load-out and charges will be billed to your master account at the rate of $100.00 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours per day.
For any vendor providing audio visual services within The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel and utilizing either dock to load or unload a truck, a fee of $2,500 for load in and $2,500 for load out will be assessed. These prices are good for a four hour minimum. If load in or load out should go over 4 hours, the fee will raise $1,000 every two hours. Upon completion of loading or unloading, all vehicles must be removed from dock spaces. This fee does not include parking for any vehicles, and vehicles must be moved offsite.


A. Complete schedule of events is required 21 days in advance of arrival including load in, load out, schedule of audio testing, loading dock usage, and ballroom power tie-in, disconnect schedule, and darkroom schedules. Changes of scheduled events and crew call times will require written notification of at least 5 days to avoid additional charges of time and a half per person. Cancellation of any scheduled service will require 5 day written notice to avoid charges of 5 hours per person.
B. Complete set of Rigging and Event diagrams is required 21 days in advance of arrival. Diagrams must include stage sizes, lighting plots with load weights, cable runs, and blue prints of any set pieces. Copies of approved diagrams must be sent to PSAV and your Conference/Catering Manager. Diagrams must be approved by a PSAV Project Manager.
Less than 21 Days’ notice of drawings & schedule – Additional 5% of total rigging charge
Less than 15 Days’ notice of drawings & schedule – Additional 10% of total rigging charge
Less than 10 Days’ notice of drawings & schedule – Additional 20% of total rigging charge
Less than 5 Days’ notice of drawings & schedule – Additional 30% of total rigging charge

Room Set-up and Service Staff Standards

A. Security: All production company staff must check in with Security before starting work at the hotel. Staff must also be identified by company name on shirts and stage passes/name tags prominently displayed. Dress code and grooming standards must be adhered to at all times.
B. Noise Levels: For the consideration of other guests and/or attendees of the hotel, The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel retains the right to require the immediate cessation or reduction of noise determined to be a nuisance or otherwise interfering with the enjoyment of the hotel by guests or other groups. Such noise is to be determined by the hotel and its liaisons and includes but not limited to music for set-up/tear-down crews, offensive or profane speech or music at any time, excessive volume testing which interferes with other functions in proximity, etc.
C. Room sets must consist of all screens having at least a bottom dress, carts and speaker stands being skirted, the front and side draping of all tech stations, the use of black extension cords that run only against the walls, at 90 degree angles to their resting points and taped with black gaffers tape.
D. Any storage of audiovisual equipment will be subject to availability and the hotel’s current room rental charges. Cases are not allowed to be stored in any hallways.
E. House audio patches will be available in applicable rooms at a cost of $150 per room per day. This charge includes a PSAV four channel mixer to interface into the system. Dates, times, and locations of house sound requests must be sent to PSAV prior to the event. (After interfacing with the hotel sound system, neither the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, nor PSAV will be responsible for the quality of the sound. Client assumes responsibility for any and all damage to the house sound system that
may arise as a result of plugging in their equipment).
F. PSAV utilizes many radio and microphone frequencies at The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. To help guarantee the success of an event, please contact PSAV for a list of dedicated frequencies in use on property to help avoid cross talk and loss of business. All production companies must change their frequencies if interference with the hotel’s frequencies occurs.
G. The use of the projection booth in The Grand Ballroom is only granted when reserved in advance and is subject to an additional Liaison fee to monitor this area whenever access is needed. The door to this area will be locked whenever the Liaison is not present. This area contains equipment and sensitive network patch bays for PSAV and the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. This equipment is only to be operated by PSAV or hotel personal and will not be removed. No storage from outside companies is allowed in this area. Any existing structures are not available for use. Outside production companies must bring their own lighting/video/audio support for use in the booth. Power in the booth is billed at prevailing rates.

Insurance/Damage Control

A. A certificate of insurance policy must be placed on file with The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel showing a minimum of $3,000,000 liability per occurrence. This must be submitted to The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel and PSAV 7 days prior to the event load-in. The certificate must name the hotel and its ownership as additional insured under the same policy.
B. To protect The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel from any damages that may be incurred during the movement and/or operation of any audiovisual equipment. PSAV will hold a credit card number on file from the providing vendor, and if damages should occur, PSAV will charge the credit card on file. The credit card number must be delivered to your PSAV Sales Manager no later than seven (7) days prior to arrival.
C. All outside Production/Audio Visual companies are responsible for all trash removal associated with their areas. A trash removal fee of $500.00 will be imposed to the outside AV Company for any area(s) that are not in compliance.

Haze/Fog Fire Watch

A. The use of fog or haze machines will be allowed only by written permission. A complete schedule of times and dates of fog usage will be required. In no case will the hotel deactivate ballroom smoke sensors without the contracting of a representative from the Denver Fire Marshall’s Office. Charges for this service must be paid in advance and will depend on the amount of time needed. Please notify your Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel Conference/Catering Manager to expedite these requests.
B. The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel Security Officer must be scheduled and is required for fire watch while sensors are disabled. This will be charged at applicable labor rates.
C. All cords, wires, cables, and equipment must be safely secured. All equipment must be placed in compliance with all applicable occupancy, OSHA, and fire regulation codes.
D. Exit Signs - If illuminated exit lights are obstructed by screens, curtains or any temporary obstruction, a temporary, non-illuminated exit sign must be hung in a conspicuous place to direct patrons to the exit.


All rigging performed within the meeting space will be installed and removed exclusively by PSAV. Currently only the Plaza Ballroom can be rigged. The Grand Ballroom and Majestic Ballroom do not have rigging options. A minimum of two riggers are required for load in and load out. Rigging labor calls will be billed at a minimum of 5 hours based on the specialized nature of rigging services. Additional riggers needed, will be determined by a PSAV Project manager. Under no circumstances will entry to any ceilings be granted to any person. All rigging equipment and truss will be supplied exclusively by PSAV. Please contact PSAV for a detailed rigging labor quote. PSAV is “Truss up” at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.
All rigging equipment, points and truss will be billed as a day rate. Days 1 through 2 will be billed for actual usage days. Three days of usage constitutes a weekly rate (3 to 7 days). Usage beyond 7 days will be billed in addition to the weekly rate. The cost per point is $225. This fee includes (1) chain motor, span set, rigging shackle and (1) rigging hang point. Truss is billed at $5 per foot.
Power and rigging requirements must be stated in writing a minimum of 21 days prior to show install. Rigging requirements must be sent directly to PSAV. Only PSAV motors and truss will be used for rigging.
Dead Hang\cable pick points from the steel will be charged at a rate of $150 each per day.
Rigging Equipment Package (required) $400 per day $900 per week Package includes one lift for riggers only, Multi -motor control, cables, controller etc.
The use of outside lifts is not permitted. All lifts must be rented through PSAV at a rate of $400/day. Reservations must be made 14 days in advance to ensure availability. Lift requests submitted less than 14 days prior will be subject to an additional $400.00 “crash” charge.
Lifts will be operated by PSAV personnel exclusively. Any lift used outside of rigging (use after Riggers have left / refocus lights etc.) will need a PSAV operator at a rate of $60/hour for a minimum of 4 hours. Additional charges will apply for overtime, weekends, and holidays.
Forklifts and propane/LP powered lifts are NOT permitted for any reason at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Any outside company requiring lifts for their setup must contact PSAV for rental information. Under no circumstances will a portable lifting device be allowed to potentially damage any flooring or surface.
All scaffolding must have scaffolding jack feet attached. Bare piping is not allowed on any surfaces. All scaffolding must have at least ½ inch thick wood between it and any carpeted surfaces.
There will be no nailing, screwing or taping onto existing staging, flooring, or walls of the hotel structure for any reason.
To Order Rigging Service
Step #1
To schedule rigging service please visit
By submitting your rigging request electronically it will go directly into our nation-wide rigging system thereby ensuring a prompt response and follow-up tracking
Step# 2
The PSAV Rigging Supervisor will review and forward your request to the PSAV onsite team. The on-site team will forward a rigging estimate for your review and signature along with verification of your proposed rigging plot.
Rigging Labor Load in /Load out
Weekday rate – Monday-Friday 7am-5pm
Head Rigger $125.00 per hour
High Rigger $100.00 per hour
Evenings and Weekend day rate - Monday-Friday 5pm-7am
Saturday – Sunday 7am-5pm
Head Rigger $187.50 per hour
High Rigger $150.00 per hour
Weekend Evening rate – Saturday – Sunday 5pm-7am
Head Rigger $250.00 per hour
High Rigger $200.00 per hour
Five hour minimum for Rigging calls
Please contact PSAV for Holiday rates

Power Distribution Services

A. General Session Power - All electrical power distribution tie in and disconnect must be ordered through PSAV. Power distribution labor calls will be billed at a minimum of 5 hours based on the specialized nature of power distribution services. Event Power will be billed as a day rate. Days 1 through 2 will be billed for actual usage days. Three days of usage constitutes a weekly rate (3 to 7 days). Usage beyond 7 days will be billed in addition to the weekly rate. Please contact PSAV for a detailed power distribution quote.
B. All extension cords will be 12/3 gauge per the Denver fire code. All cords must be taped down and covered safely. When it is necessary to run cords or cables in any area where personal or guests may travel, including the service areas, The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel requires certain standards. The main entrance to all event space must be clean and clear. Outside providers should have appropriate equipment for cable management for over main entrance doors and service entrances, so that hotel staff can roll in equipment without hindrance. These doors will be chosen by The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel All other doors will need cable ramps. All necessary cable ramps and cable management systems must be provided by outside vendor or can be rented from PSAV for a daily rental fee of $25.00 per door.
C. Concurrent/Breakout Sessions – All electrical power usage for concurrent/breakout sessions will be billed for a 15 Amp power usage fee of $125.00 per room for run of show. This does not include equipment.
Power Rates
15 amp Single phase $125.00
Attendee power $140.00 Includes power strips and extension cords. (Charge per every 14 guaranteed attendees)
30 amp single phase $170.00
60 amp single phase $400.00
100 amp three phase $665.00
200 amp three phase $1330.00
400 amp three phase $2655.00
Electrician rates $90 / $135.00 / $180.00 per hour / five hour minimum
Power distribution unit, CAM-LOK, turnarounds, power strips and extension cords are not included unless indicated


A. Permanent lighting may not be altered in any way (including the unscrewing of lamps).
B. All theatrical lighting must be UL listed for indoor use.
C. Floor fixtures must employ the use of approved floor bases.
D. All lighting equipment is subject to inspection by a PSAV representative.
E. Access to any electrical breaker or disconnect is strictly prohibited.
The ballroom lighting panels allow limited control of house lighting. House light remote control is available for $75 per day and $150 per week. Custom lighting cues will incur additional labor fees.


Use of outside switches, routers and wireless access points (including MiFi devices)
The network infrastructure is specifically designed for the Sheraton Denver Downtown and installed with specific equipment to handle a high volume of guest activity. The wireless access points are permanently installed and managed by a Wireless LAN Controller, designed to coordinate their activity and cooperate with each other.
The introduction of customer supplied switches, routers and wireless access points (including MiFi devices) into this specifically designed system creates interference and causes performance deterioration and possible failure of both the in house and customer supplied equipment. In order to ensure the success of everyone's event, outside switches, routers and wireless access points must be approved in advance by the Sheraton Denver Downtown IT Director in order to ensure they will work without causing problems.
The Sheraton Denver Downtown’s permanent network infrastructure has proven robust enough to handle events of every size. Through proper planning, a customized solution can be achieved to meet the technical and budgetary goals of the event. In the event that a group requires augmenting the existing infrastructure for security or other integration requirements, the hotel will supervise the process and bill appropriately for the labor involved in overseeing load-in and certifying the network is back to its original state at the conclusion of the event.
The Sheraton Denver cannot be responsible for failing equipment that is provided by the client.
Use of an outside Internet Service Provider
The Sheraton Denver Downtown has 100 Megabits of bandwidth dedicated to the meeting space. Through a diligent discovery process of the client’s Internet requirements, the proper amount of bandwidth can then be further allocated to each group. This process will assist clients in meeting their budgetary needs as purchasing bandwidth from outside providers can be very costly and take months of advance planning.
In the event a client has special requirements and chooses to provide their own circuit, there will be charges for using the existing hotel network infrastructure and any labor associated with supervising the integration of the client-provided circuit.

Carpet Protection

All carpeted areas must be protected in advance of move-in and move-out. Areas requiring protection include but are not limited to storage rooms, production areas, exhibit space and under any vehicle being used as a display (vehicles must have carpet protection under engines, transmissions and tires once in place). Carpet protection is required under all production stages as well as the backstage storage areas.
When rolling road cases, vehicles or any equipment across carpeted floors, carpet protection must be applied in the area being traversed in order to prevent damage to the carpet. We require the use of Poly-Tak or other non-skid floor covering. Poly-Tak may be purchased onsite through PSAV. PSAV may also be contracted to install Poly-Tak. Please see your PSAV sales manager for pricing
If a third party audio visual provider or contractor decides not to use floor protection, damage repair costs to hotel carpet surface will be the responsibility of the contractor.

Audio Visual Service Standard Acknowledgements

I, the undersigned, agree on behalf of _________________________ (“Third Party A/V Supplier”), to comply with the Audiovisual Service Standards provided by Hotel in providing services on behalf of ________________________(Contracted client). I further agree that Third Party A/V Supplier will indemnify, defend and hold Hotel and its affiliates harmless from any loss, liability, costs or damages arising from actual or threatened claims resulting from Third Party A/V Supplier’s provision of services.
On behalf of Third Party A/V Supplier, I will provide Hotel a Certificate of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, including Contractual Liability, Products and Completed Operations and Automobile Liability to Hotel, evidencing minimum limits of $3,000,000 combined single limit and will name Hotel and its ownership as additional insured. I will also provide Hotel with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing Third Party A/V Supplier’s Worker's Compensation and Employers Liability coverage in effect for its employees. The charges listed in the standards will be billed to:
Please Check Applicable Option:
Master Account
Third Party A/V Supplier

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