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Meeting Room Set-up Offerings

Meeting Set-up

Helpful Event Planning Hints (as suggested by the Convention Industry Council):

Theater Style
Space needed: 9-13 square feet per person
Not more than 33” between rows
4’-6’ for aisle space

Twice the screen height between the front row and the stage; 4’ or more behind the last row

How to Calculate:

For the number of rows that will fit in a room, take the length of the room, front to back, minus twice the screen height (for adequate space in the front) and minus 4’ (for space behind the last row). Divide that by
3.l58’, the depth needed per row for chairs and legroom. Round down to the nearest whole number for total number of rows. For the total number of chairs in the setup, subtract aisle space from the width of the room, then multiply by the number of rows and divide by 1.83’, the width needed per chair.
Classroom Style
Space needed: Allow from 14.5-24 square feet per person and 3’-5’ between tables.
For especially tight setups, put three attendees at each 6’x 18” table.
If space is available, put two attendees at each 6’x 18” table.

TIPS to remember:
Add 2 square feet per person for groups of fewer than 60, and subtract 2 square feet per person for groups of more than 300. If space runs short, fill in the back of the room theater style instead of cramping the classroom tables. 
Space needed: 7-15 square feet per person.

TIPS to remember:
Some planners deliberately use less space; preferring the room to be crowded. Provide enough chairs for 25-30percent of attendees.

Space needed: 60” round, 80-120 square feet per table, each seats 8-10
66” round, 90-135 square feet per table, each seats 7-10
72” round, 100-150 square feet per table, each seats 8-11
Dance Floor Space: 2-3 square feet per person

HOW to Calculate:
For the total space needed, divide the number of attendees by the number of seats you want at each table, round that up to the nearest whole number (for total tables needed), and multiply by the area, in square feet, of that table. To determine the maximum number of attendees a space will fit, divide the usable square feet of the room (don’t include nooks and stage space) by the square feet per attendee (allot 9-18 square feet per attendee).

Trade Show Exhibits
Space needed: For 8’x10’ booths, allow 160 square feet per booth, for 10x10 booths, allow 200 square feet per booth. Please contact your Catering and Convention Service Manager to review City of Denver Ordinance and Fire Marshall Guidelines for ALL DISPLAY events.

How to Calculate Table Top Show Exhibits:
For the total space needed, simply multiply the number of booths by the square feet per booth.
U-Shape/Hollow Square
Space needed: 37.5-45 square feet per attendee, 2’-3’ between seats

TIPS to remember:
These sets should be used for groups of 50 or fewer. Add 4 square feet per attendee for groups smaller than 20.

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