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Event Safety

Function Event Rooms


Our function rooms are secured by an electronic key system. This lock system does not include our three large ballroom areas.

There are two ways of securing a function room:

MEETING ROOM (Traditional): Works exactly like a guest room, allowing entry to the room via key card access only.

· Room will be able to be placed on "free-flow" or locked by hotel associates.
RESTRICTED: This allows client only access with the exception of the hotel emergency response team.
· A service fee will be assessed for “Restricted” keys as our key software system will need to be reprogrammed to accommodate this request**

*Certain rooms cannot be restricted, please check with your Meeting & Events Manager.

Should you require more than one area to be secured, and you would like one key for multiple rooms, please contact your Meeting & Events Manage for assistance.

**Key issuance ensures that a room is locked but not secured.

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Guestroom Security

Guest Room Safes are provided in every guest room and we encourage you to use them. Safety Deposit boxes are also available at Guest Services. The Hotel is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property and we encourage our guests to never leave valuables unattended.

The Hotel has provided your guest room with a dead bolt lock and safety latch for your use. It is always important to first identify anyone before admitting them to your guest room. Please use the peephole before opening the door to anyone. If you cannot identify someone and would like the Security Team to investigate, please call us via your guest room telephone by pushing the Emergency button on the guest room phone or via the nearest in-house telephone.

Guard Coverage (Security and/or Fire Guard)

Pending type of exhibit display-Fire Guards are required for each of the Exhibit Hall and/or Display Areas. Fire Guard(s) are required during the following schedule: Exhibitor Set-Up, Event Show Hours and Exhibitor Teardown/Move-Out. A Fire Guard and Security Guard cannot perform “double duty”. Arrangements and fees applied for guard coverage may be ordered through your Meeting & Events Manager. The Guard coverage is charged at $65.00/hr., and in cases of less than seven days notice, the fee is $75.00/hour/guard.

To hire additional security for your event please contact your Meeting & Events Manager. The starting rate is $65.00 per security guard per hour.

Third Party Security Company Regulations:

Only outside Security companies that meet the following conditions are to work at the Sheraton on the following conditions:

They will carry a minimum of $3,000,000 liability insurance cover (anything less would be subject to General Manager or Hotel Manager approval). They will provide evidence of this liability insurance cover before they start work at the hotel via an Accord Certificate. They will agree to the following and evidence it on that Accord Certificate. The following parties are included as additional Insureds and a waiver of subrogation is provided for these additional Insureds - Marriott International Inc, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide LLC and Sheraton Licensing Operating Company LLC, AAF W2007 MVP Denver LLC dba Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.
The hotel will require a schedule of the Security companies’ deployment in advance – including times, dates and area and remit of responsibility.
The Security company’s officers or guards will report to Hotel Security Command and Control Center before they start work, every shift. The Hotel Security Department will provide them with one of our own Security radios (in exchange for their ID) to be used for communication between themselves and the Hotel Security Dispatcher. If the deployment exceeds more than two officers or guards at any one time the Security Company will be required to provide their own means of communication between themselves and the Hotel Security Dispatch. Personal Cell Phones will not be acceptable. Additional handsets that can be used on the Hotel communication system can be purchased by our AV or IT teams and the Security Company or the client will be responsible for the costs involved.
Firerearms will not be allowed to be carried at any time unless previously agreed by the General Manager or Hotel Manager.

Safety-Fire Features

In the Event of a Fire:
Please familiarize yourself with the location of hallway fire exits and stairwells. In the event of a fire, please follow the steps below:

1. To report a small fire (wastebasket etc.) or smoke, if you are in a guest room
connect to our Security team via the Emergency button on the telephone. Outside
our guest room accommodations, just pick-up any in-house telephone and you will be
automatically connected to our PBX who will alert the Security and First
Response Team. For any larger observed fire/flame or large amount of smoke,
activate the closest fire alarm pull station and follow the steps below:

2.  In case of an emergency that requires you to evacuate the building,
the public address system will announce what steps you need to take. Please keep
the following in mind when preparing to evacuate your room.

3. Test your door for heat and smoke before exiting by feeling it with the back of your

4. Never grab the door handle in the event of a fire or smoke.

5. If the hallway is clear, exit by using the nearest stairwell. Take the stairs to the ground or
street level floor.

6. Never use the elevators in case of an evacuation unless one is immediately available.

7.  Should the door be warm or the hallway impassable?

8. Place wet towels at the base of the door.

9. Contact Hotel Security personnel by pushing the emergency button on your guest room
accommodation telephone. Please provide in a calm voice your name, room number,
and the nature of the emergency.

10. Turn off your air conditioner or heater to keep smoke from entering the room.

11. Stay low and avoid inhaling smoke.

12. DO NOT open windows in the room.

13. Again, remain calm until Fire Department personnel arrive on the scene to assist you in the evacuation process.

Vehicle Regulations in Event Space

All Motorized vehicles which include those that are propelled by an internal
combustion engine using Class I or Class II fuel such as cars, trucks,
motorcycles, aircraft or watercraft must have the battery disconnected at the
“hot” lead, and the lead must be safely secured. Also, fuel supplies in the
vehicle must not exceed 1/8 tank of gas and the tank must be purged with carbon
dioxide (CO2). In addition, all vehicle tanks with fuel must have a locking gas
cap or must be sealed with tape. Tractors, chainsaws and other fueled equipment
must be safeguarded in the same manner. Vehicles on display require both
visqueen® and a drip pan. All motor vehicles must be clean before entering
exhibit/display space and runners must be placed for move-in and move-out that
consist of visqueen® and plywood. A key to the vehicle must be supplied to the
Hotel Security department. Please note: our hotel staff is NOT responsible for moving the
vehicle in through egress of elevator and function event space areas.A fee of
$600.00 shall be applied for each vehicle, each way (load in / load out).

You must obtain a permit from the City of Denver at least 7 days prior to your event. Once you have the permit you must submit a copy to your Meeting & Event Manager, so Security can hold the permit while the vehicle is on site. To visit the website Click Here

  • The Plaza Freight Elevator is 9.4’x16.1’ and the Freight Elevator Doors are 16.1’x7.11’x 7.11’. Weight not to exceed 7,000 pounds.
  • Any large items moving in from the Dock to Plaza Exhibit need to meet the above restrictions and need to be less than 84” tall and 95” wide in order to get through the service door that goes past Plaza DEF and into the Exhibit area.

    *pricing may vary based on times of load in / load out

Security and Medical Emergencies

Emergency Evacuation Info as follows:

1. Familiarize yourself with all the available emergency exits and routes – on guest room floors,
meeting spaces and public areas. All have illuminated signs.
2. Listen and follow announcements on the enunciator system.
3. If the announcements orders an evacuation we evacuate out of the building via the nearest fire exit.
4. Once out the building – depending on the situation and safe passage etc. – we go from one
building to the other to assemble i.e. Tower to Plaza and Plaza to Tower.
5. If neither building nor safe passage from outside to the other building is available we will
assemble in the nearby City Center Park.
6. In the event of a Tornado approaching we would not evacuate outside the building, we would use the enunciator system to get our guests down to below ground level or other areas inside the building, away from any flying glass and debris.

Medical info as follows:

The Hotel has a number of First Responders who are trained in First Aid/CPR/AED/Oxygen on-site.
These First Responders are available 24/7.

The Hotel has AED’s and Oxygen in 4 locations – Security, Beside Front Desk in the Plaza Lobby, the
Fitness Center and Club Lounge.

Contacting Hotel Security in the event of a medical or emergency situation:
Pick up any house phone in the Meeting Space or Public Areas and you will be connected to PBX who will call Security to attend.

Press the Emergency button on a guest room telephone and you will be connected immediately to 24/7
Security Dispatch.

Contacting Hotel Security on non-urgent matters – 303-626-2589.

Trade Show/Exhibit Floor Plan Approval from Fire Marshall

All Trade Shows and Exhibits must submit floor plans of the trade show / exhibit setup to the City of Denver's Fire Marshall. Please email your floor plan's to Richard Riedel Click Herethree weeks prior to the start date of your event. Once you receive approval please forward via email all necessary paperwork to your Meeting & Events Manager.
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