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Event Set-Up Changes

While we understand that change sometime occur during events, it is important that communication be provided in a timely manner. To meet your service expectations, additional labor may be required. Event Set-Up changes made within 48 hours prior to the start of an event may result in the assessment of an additional labor fee. Your Catering & Convention Services Manager will communicate appropriate fees when applicable.

Exhibitor: FREEMAN

The Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel works with FREEMAN on all exhibit needs. 
Our strategic know-how covers a wide range of meeting planning needs. No matter what your audience, location, or budget, we provide the support you need make your meeting a can’t-miss event.

• Graphics production – exclusive provider of clings

• Large scale digital graphics and banners

• Overall event design and décor

• Strategy, planning, and budgeting

• Execution and measurement

• Logistics and on-site coordination

• Exhibit design, fabrication, and program management

• Installation and dismantle services

• Carpet, furnishings, and flooring

• Global freight transportation and material handling


All fire and safety regulations and procedures of the City of Denver must be followed without exception. These include scaled diagrams and all necessary exhibit show permits which may be obtained from the Denver Fire Department (DFD) Fire Prevention Unit. Additional permitting may be required from the DFD Special Hazards Unit (see section under Decorating in this document). The DFD website for permit applications/forms and fire prevention guidelines is These items must be submitted to your Catering and Convention Services Manager contact at least 30 days prior to the start of the event.
Please first submit your diagram to your Meeting and Event Manager for approval. Once approved by the Hotel, the diagrams/floor plans, as warranted, must then be submitted to the Denver Fire Department for approval.
Please be aware that your designated Decorator responsible for the set-up and teardown of your exhibits must adhere to Hotel Guidelines. These specific guidelines can be provided to you in writing upon request. Please advise your Catering and Convention Services Manager of the decorator that you have contracted with for your event.

General cleanliness of the exhibit area, such as vacuuming, light trash removal, will be the responsibility of the General Contractor decorator. All trash created by the company during set-up is to be removed by the company. Also, it is the responsibility of the General Contractor decorator to maintain all of the exhibit area for which the client has contracted. It is further understood that the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel will be responsible for cleaning any items related to food and beverage functions sponsored by the group or individual exhibitors provided by the Hotel.

8 X 10 Exhibits, 10 X 10 Exhibits, Poster Board Events:
The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel does not provide miscellaneous items such as chairs, tables, punch bowls, easels etc. to exhibitors when a General Drayage Contractor is contracted.

Exhibit Saftey and Procedures

No storage of any kind is allowed behind the back drapes, display wall, or inside the display area. The maximum quantity of operation and advertising material that may be stored inside the exhibit is a one-day supply. All crates, boxes and additional equipment etc. must be removed prior to the show and returned at the end of the show/during move-out. All freight must be transported on dollies and not pushed on the Hotel Carpet. Exhibits/Displays must be contained within the contracted assigned function event space areas. Entrance units may not be placed in public space without prior written approval from the hotel. Should Exhibits/ Displays/Poster Session events be added after the sales agreement is signed, please contact your Catering and Convention Service Manager immediately. Additional rules, regulations and fees may apply to these added functions.

Exhibit events requiring a large amount of refrigeration must rent a refrigerated truck and coordinate dock space in advance, upon availability. Fees will apply.

All material, including scenery, drapes or signs used in the construction of an exhibit booth must be flame-retardant. Polyurethane foam must pass the Denver Fire Department’s "standard flame test." Only fire-retardant corrugated cardboard and paper may be used.

No hazardous demonstrations, such as welding, cooking with natural gas/electricity or heater demonstrations, will be permitted without a permit from the Denver Fire Department.

Exhibit Table Top Displays

A TABLE TOP Display is defined as one (1) 6x30 table, skirted, with 2 chairs presenting printed material (i.e. brochures) on top of said table. In some cases, a portable display unit (commonly referred to as a POP-UP Display) may be placed on top of the table. Please contact your Catering and Convention Services Manager for details.

By City of Denver Fire Code, any exhibit (booth or tabletop) must be placed inside either the event space room contracted or in an approved pre-function/foyer area.

Please note:
Table Top Displays may be limited in number in Pre-Function / Foyer areas due to strict City of Denver/ Fire Marshall codes. This would focus on pre-function space/foyer areas that have physical exit door locations. These locations must be clear and free of any obstruction items. If needed, Table Top Displays may be reduced on site to be in compliance with the City of Denver Fire Code.

To best serve you, clients needing 25 or more table top displays will be directed to a local General Drayage company (i.e. FREEMAN, GES, CHAMPION, BREDE etc.), who will handle at your expense.


Freight Elevators

Elevator NameDimensionsDoor DimensionsWeight Capacity
Tower Service (10 Freight)9.7’ x 7.8'5.5’ x 7.0’ x 7.0’Not to exceed 6000 lbs.
Tower Dock (Vehicle Access)22.5’ x 9.3’9.3’ x 7.11’ x 7.11’Not to exceed 6000 lbs.
Plaza Freight (Vehicle Access)9.4’ x 16.1’16.1’ x 7.11’ x 7.11’Not to exceed 7000 lbs.

Loading Dock Instructions

We have two loading docks at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Please reach out to your Meeting & Events Manager with any third party deliveries, such as decor companies, Exhibitor Services, etc. that will need to be delivered through the loading dock no later than three weeks prior to the start of your event.

For directions to the Tower Loading Dock or Plaza Loading Dock, please click on the attachments below.

Vehicle Regulations in Event Space

All Motorized vehicles which include those that are propelled by an internal combustion engine using Class I or Class II fuel such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft or watercraft must have the battery disconnected at the “hot” lead, and the lead must be safely secured. Also, fuel supplies in the vehicle must not exceed 1/8 tank of gas and the tank must be purged with carbon dioxide (CO2). In addition, all vehicle tanks with fuel must have a locking gas cap or must be sealed with tape. Tractors, chainsaws and other fueled equipment must be safeguarded in the same manner. Vehicles on display require both visqueen® and a drip pan. All motor vehicles must be clean before entering exhibit/display space and runners must be placed for move-in and move-out that consist of visqueen® and plywood. A key to the vehicle must be supplied to the Hotel Security department. Please note: our hotel staff is NOT responsible for moving the vehicle in through egress of elevator and function event space areas.A fee of $600.00 shall be applied for each vehicle, each way (load in / load out).
You must obtain a permit from the City of Denver at least 7 days prior to your event. Once you have the permit you must submit a copy to your Meeting & Event Manager, so Security can hold the permit while the vehicle is on site. To visit the website Click here
  • The Plaza Freight Elevator is 9.4’x16.1’ and the Freight Elevator Doors are 16.1’x7.11’x 7.11’. Weight not to exceed 7,000 pounds.
  • Any large items moving in from the Dock to Plaza Exhibit need to meet the above restrictions and need to be less than 84” tall and 95” wide in order to get through the service door that goes past Plaza DEF and into the Exhibit area. 
*pricing may vary based on times of load in / load out

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