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Catering/Meeting Event Managers


Mark Major
Director Catering & Event Management

Mark Major Director Catering and Event Management Family man – Mark knows how to have a good time, and he loves to have his family by his side. His number one favorite thing to do in Denver is spend time with his kids. What we are most jealous of is that Mark is from the Bahamas! Needless to say he is jetting off to his home country’s warm sandy beaches and crystal clear waters whenever he can sneak away from running the show. If he isn’t taking a trip to the Bahamas he is playing in Las Vegas or riding roller coasters in Orlando, FL. One thing he doesn’t gamble with—his clients. With Mark you know what you are getting and that’s superior excellence with years of hospitality experience. Mark is determined to see each event through from start to finish. His favorite part about his work is meeting his clients, working with them on a concept and blowing them away with the execution. He found his curiosity for the hospitality industry from watching episodes of Hotel, where he developed a secret crush for the main character, Connie Sellecca. His reason for wanting to work at a hotel is humorous, but his work is anything but. Accomplished. He is a true leader, and his team has nothing but gratitude for him. At the end of the day you might catch him drinking a gin and tonic – with handmade tonic water, of course. 


Gloria Crawford, CMP
Associate Director Catering & Event Management

An efficient, enthusiastic, team leader – Gloria is a results-oriented, mountain loving,
hospitality expert. Gloria believes that passion and collaboration are vital to
every event. Other things that go hand-in-hand in her world – champagne and
cheese boards. You can trust her with any special event, any day of the week!
When Gloria is not ensuring that your event is running seamlessly, you can find
her exploring trails in Beaver Creek with her family and their best friend,
Jack, a miniature schnauzer. Focused. While she always knew that hospitality
would be her path, her mother believed her destiny was to become a Pharmacist.
Gloria may not have a medical background today, but she is certainly looking
out for all of her clients’ mental health. Her prescription is an organized and
perfectionist mindset. She is always looking to work in partnership with her
clients to achieve the best. Her guilty pleasure—catching up on the latest
episodes of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Clients who work with
Gloria are left feeling star-struck from her amazing work! 



Traci Smith-Zehler
Account Director, Catering

Shining star – Traci is just that. She is a fearless, world-traveler that will stop at nothing to get the job done. Traci prefers to find the funky and electric places in the world and has promised herself the next adventure will be in Iceland or Bhutan. She is constantly spending time outdoors, but occasionally spends time inside with her best friend, Bobcat, the cat. With a Soy-Chai Latte in her hand there’s nothing Traci cannot do. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her fierce love for her clients and the relationships she has with them. Relationships are key for this loyal and caring event planner. She is there for her people 24/7. She has even been known to help brides get into their spanks on the big day. Rock star. While she loves the details of every event and will make sure that nothing goes unnoticed, she also sees the big picture and will ensure that each party has the most important ingredients--good company, good food and good wine. Sometimes the simplest things make her events go a long way. Friend to all and cool as a cumber, you might ask what does make Traci uneasy. That is being unprepared and not having a plan. It is a good thing that this is something that has never happened to this event-planning guru.


Asuvini Vengadasalam, CMP
Meetings & Event Manager
Ambitious, reliable – two words you want every events specialist to live by, and we know
one who has defined these words for us time and time again. Asuvini is
passionate about helping people and reaching the highest level of satisfaction
for her clients. She is straight up,which is why she doesn’t mess around with
her beverage of choice – vodka, soda with lemon. You can trust her with
anything. She is people-driven and goal defining. When Asuvini was five she
thought she would become a doctor and when she went to college this dream took
her down another path. Hospitality may not be in the medical field, but Asuvini
has discovered her ideal way of helping others. She is fierce about her Denver
restaurants, and you might find her sneaking in some delicious Asian fusion
cuisine at Cholon after hours. You can guarantee that she will make sure you
are cared for and your event is perfect, from start to finish, with just the
right amount of personal touch. Asuvini is the Sheraton’s go-to people-person
for a reason! 

Becky Carroll
Catering Sales Manager
Caring and clever – Becky joins the Sheraton with a bag full
of books and some tricks up her sleeve. Detail oriented and ready to take on
any client request – no matter what. In fact,  she once made a couple's
dream come true by setting up swings where the bride and groom could exchange
vows. Becky loves to travel and is most passionate about experiencing new
cultures. She is an avid reader and if she ever found herself stranded on an
island, she would be sure to have her kindle loaded up with all her favorite
books all ready to go. When Becky is not hanging swings or ensuring every
single detail has been triple checked for her clients, she is exploring her
ever changing neighborhood to find new local places to eat. She unwinds with a
glass of red wine and some snuggle time with her cat, Tiger. Committed. Becky
is a partner to all that work with her. She believes planning events is a
two-way street and she wants her clients to be involved every step of the way.
Becky knows that every event deserves fabulous food, great entertainment and a
top-notch atmosphere. Lucky for you, she knows how to achieve all three of
these things no matter the size or budget of the event! 


Danielle Dirks, CMP
Meeting & Event Manager

Devoted – Danielle is a people pleaser, and she is here for you! She is without a doubt
going to go the extra mile for her clients. Danielle is a hard worker with a
driven spirit, and she genuinely cares for her clients. Explorer. Danielle
spends her weekends finding new restaurants, running and seeing the sights of
the city by foot or adventuring through the powder on her snowboard. With an
experienced travel buddy by her side, Chloe. With her adorable boxer, Danielle might
be be found sipping a perfect pinot noir or a crisp IPA on a hot day. Danielle is
dedicated to doing her absolute best when it comes to the clients, and she will
always keep her cool. She is an events super hero, but just like the rest of us,
she never misses her Sunday night Game of
Thrones ritual. Danielle found hospitality through her love of travel and
is always checking places off her list. We can’t wait to see where the next
adventure takes her. If you are working with Danielle take a deep-breath, she’s
on the job and will not miss a beat!


Iman Aden
Meeting & Event Manager

Sweet and respectful – Iman is a “must have” for your event team. Hospitality found Iman
because of her passion for people, willingness to be flexible and her outgoing
attitude. She has a deep love for travel, which would explain why she believed
she would become a flight attendant. Today she finds joy in attending to her
client’s needs with a smile on her face. Iman is up to any task or request and
will do just about anything to keep her clients smiling too – she once
transitioned a ballroom in under 45 minutes. Wow! When she is not making sure
every last detail is perfect you can find her relaxing around the Denver area,
perhaps shopping while enjoying a strawberry and lemon slush. Kind. Iman
believes that the key ingredients to success for every event are attention to
detail, communication and a willingness to change – even if it’s at the last
second. Iman will keep you smiling through all the stress of planning a big
event or meeting, so sit back and relax because she has you covered.


Jacqueline Fazendin
Meeting & Event Manger

Authentic. Excited to build genuine relationships with her clients because Jackie believes this is the cornerstone to the hospitality industry.
Dedicated. If she had to nail down exactly what the perfect event needs, she would tell you that the musts include cool, calm and confident leadership, people with personality, luscious libations and an amazing atmosphere. When she isn’t perfecting events for her clients you might find her exploring the majestic mountains, keeping up with the latest local cuisine in Denver’s boutique neighborhoods, or chasing fresh Rocky Mountain powder. If you are lucky enough to work with Jackie, you can rest assured your special occasion or meeting will be an absolute success.


Michele Kiner
Meeting & Event Manager

Loving and caring – Michele is an ideal team player who will stop at nothing to get the
job done. Her clients love her because she is a passionate planner with
superior skills, mixed with just the right amount of sarcasm to keep things
fun! Michele loves to travel but unlike most, she is her own “trip advisor.”
Michele is a go-getter and does her homework before traveling to a destination.
She likes to make her travels her own experience and this is why she is such an
amazing planner. She knows that her clients want their own experiences in their
events too. Michele’s loves range from refreshing sparkling water to sassy
margaritas, which compliment her personality perfectly. You’ll never catch this
event planner without a fresh manicure. Dreamer. Michele lives for making her
clients events come to life. She is passionate about the entire process and
will not go it alone, as she knows that one of the main keys to making event
perfect is teamwork. When she is not making it all happen you might find her playing
in mountains or dinning at Venice, her favorite restaurant in Denver. Michele is
guaranteed to make your dreams a reality and no matter the occasion she will be
sure to keep you laughing the whole time.


Soulaiman Bahalla
Meeting & Event Manager

Hard working and funny – Souli has delightful qualities that complement each other and the
work he produces. When he’s not admiring his 100-gallon fish tank at home,
Souli is up fishing and hiking, exploring all that Colorado and Denver have to
offer. With a Moroccan mint tea in his mug, he is ready to conquer the world.
Honest. Souli is most passionate about his job because nothing makes him more
satisfied than making his clients happy. The craziest request he has ever seen
from a client was a group who had asked to perform a Tommy gun shooting demo. Did
we mention he has a great head on his shoulders? Souli is creative, and this
comes into play because he is able to keep his clients thrilled every step of
the way, even if he needs to come up with something new on the fly. His method
to every exceptional event includes conceptual creativity, true consistency and
persistent dedication. Achiever. Souli is a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine,
and you may find him eating at DOMO and sipping on Sake when he has earned some
much needed time off. Souli loves working with people as much as he loves his
fish, and that’s a lot. If you are fortunate enough to work with him we promise
you will feel the love!

Thomas Gay
Manager of Space Optimization

Witty and empathic – Thomas is someone you want to spend time with. His genuine care and enthusiasm for his team will make you feel right at home. He is constantly exploring Colorado from his bike seat or heading up to Film on the Rocks, at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Through sheer luck Thomas found himself in the hospitality world and has been in roles from Front Desk Supervisor to a Reporting Analyst. He knows the in’s and out’s of the industry and has robust experience. When he’s not putting the pieces of the puzzle together for his team and clients he is traveling and riding his bike in California. Creative. Thomas enjoys finding new and innovative ways to educate and lead his team. He goes out of his way to make sure each team member has the tools and skills to make their clients thrilled. Thomas spends his evenings away from work binge watching Stargate Atlantis, eating at his favorite restaurant, La Loma, and drinking a RumChata. He is truly caring and always places himself in each of his client’s shoes. Before planning any event he takes the time to learn the origin and reasoning behind each client’s vision and what is most important to them. Thomas leaves each of his team members beaming with gratitude and smiles.

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